Tuscan Adventures by Leah Bickford

Tuscan Adventures By Leah Bickford I arrived safely this evening to the City of Florence (Firenze in Italia).  Highlights of my journey include: meeting Dave Grohl’s doppelganger, nearly stepping into an elevator seconds before a city-wide power outage….oh and a 5 second shuttle bus ride!  I am reminded of the Italians and their warm, but no change in organization I’m afraid. I have the pleasure of staying in Florence a couple of days before I hit the road and start tasting.   It is the capital of Tuscany, with an alleged 382,000 inhabitants! I am interested to hear how the 2015 vintage is shaping us as well as taste some of the ‘13s and ‘14s in the Tuscan region. It’s difficult … (Click for more)

Staff Pick: Paul Bara Champagne Brut 2005

Awesome, full bodied, dry and powerful, it’s floral and zesty on the nose, with ripe lemon, toasty brioche and honeyed nuts on the palate. Fine, elegant mousse and great lingering finish. Beautiful now but try it again in 4 or 5 years. Pair with British-style fish & chips (seriously). -Tasted by Duncan Burnside Region: Champagne, France 750ml Price: $60.78 ($69.90 inc tax) 375ml Price: $32.96 ($37.90 inc tax, bottle pictured)